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Learn More About Diabetes was first published in 1998! Twenty years on it has morphed into something quite different! But the core information is still relevant, and has been updated along the way.

New features include FREE downloadable resources, and links to online webinars.

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The Diabetes New Zealand website www.diabetes.org.nz should be your main source of info in NZ and especially when it comes to diabetes and our current situation with regards to Covid-19.

Disclaimer! Yes I am employed by Diabetes New Zealand, however this website is published completely independent of external influences. This is a genuine suggestion to all NZers to visit the official sources of info and advice first:

For NZ-wide general Covid-19 info go to www.covid-19.govt.nz

For NZ-wide Diabetes-specific Covid-19 info go to www.diabetes.org.nz/covid-19/info

I am confident that nothing that you read here on diabetesinfo.org.nz contradicts either accepted national or global publications. (If you feel it does, please let me know!!)